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Hello! I am Catherine and I am a UK Wedding Photographer based in Surrey covering weddings all over the UK. I absolutely love photographing weddings, it is such a joy to be part of a couples big day. I am super organised, easy going and very much a perfectionist, which I believe are three good qualities to have when photographing a wedding.

I first got into photography when I was little, following my dad around with a little canon film camera. As I grew up I decided to pursue this passion and went to Farnham UCA to do a photography degree. Completing this degree I chose to go down the route of wedding photography and haven't looked back since.

I absolutely love photographing people and capturing those raw emotions. My vision is to capture your wedding story from start to finish with all those special moments, small or big. My style of work is creative documentary photography. This means it is a very natural, unobtrusive way of working but still capturing those moments in a romantic, artistic manner.

I am a true romantic and absolutely love each wedding I go to and photograph. I really love to get to know my couples and find out what is important so I can capture those moments that will be particularly special.

It is a day of happiness and I would love to share that with you. To be able to provide you with visual memories that you can relive and share your day with others, over and over again.



Catherine loves painting, graphics and art,

now a camera has come and taken her heart.

She catches a moment and gives it away,

a beautiful photo, to view every day.


Catherine adores her Spanish retreat,

relaxing and loving to put up her feet.

tapas, beer and a chilled glass of wine,

chatting to friends while the 'sun doth shine'.


Family is the main part of her day,

always in touch when home or away.

If there is a chance she will jump on a plane,

camera is there and lots of photos again!


Funny and loving Catherine always tries her best,

every single job she treats as a test.

Her standard is high in all that she does,

so you can see photography gives her a buzz!










Life is an awfully big adventure …

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