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Have a question? See if the answer is below, if not get in touch and I will be happy to help! 

How long will you stay for on the wedding day?

I believe that when a wedding story is being photographed it should be covered from start to finish. I start taking photographs 2/3 hours before the ceremony of the bridal preps right the way through to an hour after the first dance. If you had anything planned in the evening which you wanted photographed I am more than happy to accommodate to these requests.  

How many photographs will we receive?

I don't have a set limit of photographs I give to my couples, but usually it is 500+ photographs fully edited in both colour and black & white. I will always give an edited set of photographs that tells the story of the day in full. 

Will you take photographs of the groom as well as the bride before the wedding?

If both the bride and groom are getting ready in the same place on the day I will visit both. I will always visit the bride first on the day. However, if the groom is getting ready in a separate location there is the opportunity for you to add on a second photographer who will then get those moments with the groom party in the moring and stay all day until the early evening meaning you will get more photographs from different angles. 

Do you take group photographs as well as natural photographs?

Yes of course! I think it good to add in those traditional photographs. I always ask for a group list before the wedding and I work from that on the day. I ask to keep this list to a maximum of 10 groups because they can be time consuming especially if larger groups. I aim to spend no more than 30 minutes on these and the ushers and best man can be helpful in gathering the people needed to make it a faster process. 

How long will we be away from our wedding party for the couple photographs?

All I ask for is 10-15 minutes at some point during the day to capture those beautiful, relaxed couple photographs. Depending on the venue I usually take the bride and groom off for a little walk around the venue and capture some photos in a few different places. If it is a sunny day and there is a beautiful golden hour/sunset I try to take the couple off again for 10 minutes if the timings work out. 

What if I do not like posing in photographs?

I completely understand that a lot of people do not like getting their photograph taken and especially are not in to posing. Luckily for you my style is natural creative documentary, I try to capture those natural smiles and moments without asking anyone to pose. In the case of the bride and groom photographs, again I will not ask you to get in to any un-natural poses, I aim to get you both to be relaxed and have a laugh and cuddle together with a beautiful backdrop and I will stand back and capture those special moments. 

How long do we have to wait until our photographs are ready?

I aim to get the photographs to as soon as I can. My timings are to get the highlight slideshow to you 3 weeks after the wedding day and then the usb and client gallery a further 3 weeks after this. You should have everything 6 weeks after your wedding day.  

Can we print the photos?

Absolutely! You have full printing rights for any image I give to you. You can upload these to any social media platforms to share with friends and family or go online and use the number printing facilities on offer. I do offer a print store with the client gallery if you chose to print them through me. 

Will you require a meal during the reception?

Yes please :-). If I eat at the same time as you it means I will not miss any of your day. I will also be all re energised to capture those fun dancing photos in the evening. 

Are you insured?

Yes I am fully insured! 

What if your equipment broke on the day?

I can understand this is always a worry. I am super organised and have backup batteries, lenses, flashes, memory cards and cameras, so if anything happened to any of my equipment on the day I will can switch to my back ups.

How do we book you?

If you want to go ahead and book me to photograph your wedding story, please get in contact and I would love to have a chat about your day and if you are happy with everything then I ask for my booking form and contract to be filled out and signed with a deposit to secure your date.