Craig & Caroline Engagement

Craig and Caroline got engaged last year in Valencia and wanted an engagement shoot. We went to a beautiful spot in Farnham, Surrey and the sun was shining which was a bonus. They were both relaxed in front of the camera which was great and we got some really beautiful natural shots. The sun went golden and I kept on snapping away and the sequence of photographs were just what they were after.

Most of my couples are a little anxious before the shoot but as soon as they are in front of the camera and I give some direction, whether that be just to walk hand in hand or to look at each other, most couples automatically start smiling or laughing and I capture those moments. The natural smiles are looks at each other are the ones my couples love, where they forget I am taking the photographs and it just them in the moment.

A beautiful couple with the bonus of the golden hour light, what a perfect shoot!

2019-01-17_0002 2019-01-17_0003 2019-01-17_0007 2019-01-17_0006 2019-01-17_0005 2019-01-17_0004 2019-01-17_0008 2019-01-17_0009 2019-01-17_0010 2019-01-17_0011

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